Best Sustainable Promotional Merchandise at Expo2020

Best Sustainable Promotional Merchandise at Expo2020 1


There is no doubting that it’s been a very tough 18 months or so for everyone connected in the events and promotional merchandise industries. Thankfully though, we can see things are just beginning to turn a corner as the world slowly begins its recovery from the COVID pandemic. There are also several attributes for our recovery and certainly one was the eventual opening of Expo2020.

There is also an increase in demand for sustainable and recycled promotional gifts globally, we certainly lead the way on that front as a supplier in the ME region. Sourcing relevant certified sustainable corporate gifts globally is a challenge, but it is also one that is slowly becoming a little easier. Manufacturers and governments around the world are at last realizing how important this is now to help prevent further increases in global warming. This has notably led to an increase in demand from our major clients for sustainable and recycled promotional products, as they go about increasing their own carbon footprint.

Overall, promotional merchandise products continue to remain one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get your company’s name and brand publicly recognized, just ask    Expo2020   and their partners.”

– Andrew Burchell

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