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Currently protecting the welfare of our teams is of the most importance. Workforces across businesses, factories and domestic are all great importance since the arrival of COVD-19. That’s why at Jinou Trading, our skilled global sourcing and logistics specialists have been working their hardest to make sure supply chains of much needed Antibacterial Items supplies – such as copper items, paper soap, pen, brass key, keyboard, mouse, clipboard, socks & wipes. Because of this crisis our main focus has been to secure stocks of these items so businesses can provide them to staff and clients, helping reduce the spreading of COVD-19.

With the use of expertise and contacts within a variety of industries, Jinou Trading specialists have been constantly monitoring stock levels from a wide variety of sources (see below).

Copper Bottles & Bracelets
Amazing Health Benefits
– Enhances digestion
– Stops growth of harmful bacteria
– Helps boost immune system
– Enhances hemoglobin synthesis
– Strengthens bones
– Slow ageing
– Reduce cardiovascular problems

Paper Soap Sheet

Refill available & recyclable Easy to carry High sterilization effect

Antibacterial Pen

This pen contains antibacterial surface protection that uses innovative antimicrobial technology. This technology harnesses the natural sterilising properties of silver. This protection is permanently embedded into the pen and will not wear off over time. Silver has been used forcenturies for its natural sterilising properties. In recent years, this antibacterial effect has been harnessed through the development of innovative carrier mechanisms, which enable the controlled release of silver ions, allowing silver to be incorporated into most materials without losing efficiency and without affecting the physical properties of the material.

Multifunctional Brass No Touch Key

Antimicrobial Copper AlloyThe SmartKey is manufactured with Copper Alloy 260, which is inherently antimicrobial because of its 62% copper content.


The SteriType® medical grade keyboard is specifically designed for medical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other hygiene critical environments. The keyboard is washable, waterproof and features an integral silicone cover to protect against the ingress of spills, dirt and moisture. All touchable surfaces including the silicone cover contain SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection, guarding against the growth of bacteria such as E. coli, MRSA and Salmonella.


The SteriType® antibacterial mouse contains SteriTouch antibacterial protection throughout and is easy to wash and disinfect. SteriTouch® is the leading UK brand in antimicrobial technology, with a global presence in healthcare and consumer goods.



Clipboards feature a re-enforcing rim around the outside of the board to add to the rigidity of the product. The heavy-duty hygienic clip is manufactured in the UK using 304 grade stainless steel. The high strength white polypropylene plastic incorporates SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection, offering permanent protection against pathogenic germs and moulds including E.coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

Super Hygienic Bacteria Free Socks

Super comfortable to wearCustomize brandingPackaged into individual eco bags

Cleansing Wipes

Antibacterial protection Alcohol hand wipes


Please note minimum order quantities will apply. There are fluctuations in availability of stocks and varying lead times, nonetheless we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

In order to get hold of stock when it becomes available is to use the form below to register your requirements. It can then go straight to our teams who are constantly monitoring live stock levels and current lead times and will get back to you ASAP.

If you would rather speak to a member of our team, please call:  055-4434240 and one of our members will be happy to help. Furthermore, if you are after a specific item, choose one of the links below.

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