Promotional Food & Beverages 

One of the most popular requests we receive from our clients is for personalised food and drink products. Our mouth-watering and delicious options our bound to bring out a smile in any foodie! Thanks also to advanced technology the choices are even greater than ever before. Such as edible 3D printing which bring special shapes and flavours to an excited table or event. Then there are safe to eat edible food ink’s, which can add colourful designs to many delicious products such as cakes, macarons, chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies etc. All can feature your logo, company name or the recipients name, to make your staff, customers or business associates feel extra special. 

We can also provide the ongoing favourites such as personalised packets or tins of mints, lollies, jellybean’s, fortune cookies etc and not forgetting a large selection of hampers customised and delivered according to your budget. On the drinks side we can personalise bottled water, energy drinks, coffee, canned drinks, hot drinking chocolate in tins and not forgetting that well-earned afternoon cup of tea! 

My all-time favourite though is of course chocolate, as it is for many others, and thankfully there is a lot to select from, yum. Chocolates with dates and nuts inside, Neapolitan squares with a personalised wrappers great for hotels, large chocolate bars with your logo on, milk, dark or white chocolates in mixed boxes, the list is endless. Trouble is the samples don’t last long at all and get eaten almost immediately! Well, you have to make sure they taste okay before you give them to your clients, don’t you?

In keeping with global trends our large range of eco-friendly reusable and refillable drinks bottles are very popular, Not only are they practical but a fantastic way in getting your brand recognised as they used again and again. This is especially so when they are often used by people daily, like when going to the gym, running, exercising, sat at your desk or when out and about enjoying the great outdoors.  

We have many types, styles, shapes, sizes, and colours of reusable bottles available to meet your specific requirements to select from. How about a drinks bottle that is foldable that can fit into your pocket or handbag? Then we have those with a built-in reusable straw, great for the work desk or at home. We also love the doubled walled stainless steel or aluminium bottles that keep your favourite drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Technology has also been introduced into some of our bottles like those that show the temperature of the contents so you can tell whether it still hot or cold. Or how about the bottles that have a built-in phone charger plus other additional smart technology! 

Let’s not forget the humble Mug, one of the best and most appreciated gift people love to receive. Also available in different shapes, colours, materials and sizes, with great branding areas and printing options.

As with all our products there are many great ways to package them, just let us know what you require or looking for. 

Our dedicated Team is well trained, friendly, and professional and can assist you in your decisions if your unsure what might be best for your next marketing campaign or promotion.

Lastly, this ever-changing world of promotional gifts will continue to produce new, interesting and tasty gift ideas, so that’s one thing for sure, so watch this space! 

Written By

Andrew Burchell

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