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Every company’s success is behind a strong and dedicated team. We at Jinou only believe in teamwork. This comes with a strong leader who can motivate the team. We are delighted to have both. As a result, we can offer a superior level of services with top-quality products. Whenever a situation arises for delivery deadlines of an urgent job, the entire team will be at their best to fulfill the client’s requirement. Our team motto is “DO WHATEVER IT TAKES”.

We do not take a “No” for an answer and always try our best.

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Jinou started when they noticed there was a requirement in the market of prompt delivery of quality promotional goods within the committed timeframe.

Our founders then realized that the level of customer service and commitment was not up to the mark in the industry.

Therefore, they decided to commit and stick to their promises in terms of quality and delivery.

Price has always been a selling point with our clients. We managed to achieve the price point as one of our founders is from China. She managed to get the best price so she could communicate in the same language.

Sales Team

Well-trained sales team and assistant support to give the best customer satisfaction.

We always have sales back up sales team members for our clients so they never feel left out just in case one of the team members cannot be reachable. Jinou salesforce always make regular visit to clients for following up on order or taking new briefs.

We work very closely with clients requirements, and promptly start working on the project immediately.

This is very important, as any delay in starting the job will have a knock effect on the entire supply chain and this might affect the delivery of the order.

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Back Office Team

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Graphic Designers

admin | Promotional Merchandise Corporate Gifts


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Jinou’s back office team is the backbone of the company. They work very closely with the sales team. A close monitoring system works with a proper checklist system that ensures the production and delivery are as per the client’s requests. They are the unsung heroes of the Jinou Team. Our back office team consists of Admin, Accounts, Delivery, Quality Control, Printing and Packing, Labeling, and Logistics teams. They are on standby to give the best level of service to the sales team.

We are on call 24/7