It’s The #1 Festive Season!! Let’s celebrate

Christmas and New Year
Festive Season

Festive Season Celebration

The Festive Season for millions of people around the world, Christmas and New Year are always their favorite Festive Season times of year. Its also a time for rewarding and remembering, but most importantly it’s a time for giving. 

There are many ways promotional products can be personalized to give them a different look and feel for a specific occasion, especially for Christmas. For example, paper bags, mugs and packaging can all be colourfully branded and items such as the popular snow globes which can be fully customised accordingly and carry a memorable message to both staff and/or clients. Then there are the decorations, such as personalized colourful balls, hanging wooden cut-out shapes like Christmas trees, bells, reindeer, Christmas socks, and snowflakes, and don’t forget about individual chocolates that can all be suitably, and subtly branded accordingly.

If your company is looking to reward your staff members or clients with a memorable and unforgettable gift there is so much to offer as corporate gifts which can be branded, just ask your gift supplier representative for ideas according to budget and quantity. Also don’t forget about your trading partners and suppliers, where gifts like large tins of sweets or a box of chocolates to share around and that maybe wrapped in personalised wrapping paper and ribbon, is always a much appreciated and welcome gift. 

Awards are another area a lot of companies investigate at this time of year. These could be employee recognition awards, such as for a special achievement or long-term service. Then there are awards  for your company suppliers, internal departments, and business partners, etc. Long-lasting recognition gifts such as personalised and fully customised trophies or plaques in Crystal, Metal, Acrylic, or Wood remain all-time favorites, coupled with a framed certificate to hang on your wall are always highly appreciated. A luxury pen, watch, or the latest laptop or technology item for the overachievers and those who have remained loyal to a company over time, will always be remembered by the receiver as an additional bonus.

At the end of the day no matter what the value of an unexpected gift might be, whether you are giving or receiving it is guaranteed to raise a smile or two, which for this day and age that we now all live in, is worth its weight in gold.

Remember the highest retention medium in marketing is promotional gifts for Festive Season.

By: Andrew Burchell

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