Importance Of The right Fabric Mask

Fabric Mask
Importance Of The right Fabric Mask 1

Fabric Mask

As we all know by now how important it is to wear a mask to avoid the chances of being infected by Covid-19.

But how do you know if your fabric mask is the right one.

It’s very simple, just do a check list for your fabric mask, it does not matter if you bought one from the market of stitched one at home.

Fabric mask should:

  • Fit tightly but comfortably against the side of your face
  • Must be safely secured with strings or ear loops
  • Always include multiple layers of fabrics for filtration.
  • Breathing should be comfortable without any difficulty.
  • You should be able to be wash the fabric mask without damaging them or distorting its shape

While removing your face mask, make sure you do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Wash your hands after removing your face mask. Make sure to wash and dry your masks regularly. Ideally it should be everyday to be safe.

We are moving to the new normal in our lives of wearing face masks, this may take a little time getting used to them, but they are worth the small trouble, knowing they can help members of our community stay healthy and protect us as well.

Stay safe ! protect others and yourself. Wear a mask.

Adil Siddiqi

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