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What Exactly is RPET? The Complete Guide to RPET Plastic Products


Environmentally Sustainable Plastic Products, Polyethylene terephthalate, or “PET,” is a low-cost polymer that is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality.

This material is primarily made of recycled plastic. To be designated as “RPET,” a product must include 80% recycled material, primarily from plastic bottles. As a result, it provides single-use plastic a second chance!

Equally a result, RPET is as durable and functional as polypropylene. Indeed, the strength and durability of RPET make our goods environmentally sustainable, high-quality, and cost-effective. Here’s an explanation of some prominent products made from recycled plastic that can be customized with your brand to create unique and sustainable promotional things.

Sports bottles transformed into recycled PET

RPET material may be utilized to produce any type of bottle, including sports water bottles and corporate office water bottles. These containers are perfect for giving away at both indoor and outdoor events, and they may also be utilized when traveling.

The bottle is available in a number of colors, particularly transparent colors, which may complement your brand or design well. They are both easy to open and close and visually appealing. Please contact us for a free quote and design preview.

RPET bags are among the most environmentally friendly

These bags are resilient and reusable, in accordance with the new sustainability standards. Furthermore, they are a good print medium for high-definition drawings and images. They also have a high loading and resistance capacity.

These environmentally friendly bags will serve as a high-quality and long-lasting marketing tool for any firm, as well as delight all clients. They can be customized with a variety of designs to meet any requirement.

Do you have any particular requirements for your RPET bags? Jinou Trading can manufacture the RPET bags you require. We offer several alternatives for displaying your company’s brand and communicating your message with your RPET bags. You select the size, the type of bag, and the prints, and we do the rest!

RPET umbrellas are unique promotional items.

Your business may be promoted using the one-of-a-kind promotional items known as RPET umbrellas. The majority of umbrellas are composed of textiles that allow them to endure rain and dry fast, primarily nylon. The canopy of umbrellas, on the other hand, is constructed of normal plastic.

Eco-Friendly Umbrella which has a sporty style and an aluminum frame is another form of RPET umbrella. It also comes with a wood grip handle. The Eco-Friendly Umbrella material is sourced from post-consumer bottles. It has a 60-inch canopy with heat-transferred personalization, making it simple to dry after being outside.

Your brand may be placed in prime space on the side of the umbrella so that it is visible to everyone wherever it is used.

Why should you use our RPET promotional items?

Being eco-friendly is a highly applauded notion for businesses to adopt since it displays their brand as being concerned about the welfare of our planet’s species and environment. By linking your brand name with sustainable resources, you are morally contributing to nature and to your customers, which is an admirable characteristic that may help a business succeed. 

Our RPET promotional products are created from sustainable and high-quality materials and are available in a number of colors to match your company’s color palette, perfectly complimenting your campaign.

Whatever type of business you operate, associating your brand with a movement that so many people are aware of and base their purchases on will help you reach a bigger audience. You will get respect for actively participating in the building of a greener world, as well as peace of mind. One simple method to accomplish this is to use RPET promotional goods.

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