Music to one’s ears

Music to one's ears

April 9, 2021

Did you know music can make a global change?

We all know that music is universal language and makes a big difference in human lives.

It touches our souls, opens our mind, we can look into new dimensions.

We can work better, we can think of new ideas, be creative.

So many singers around the world have been able to send a message to change peoples lives.

Some of the examples are:

In 1985 Bob Gedolf and Midge Ure raised $245 million for famine relief in Ethopia

Tsunami Aid Concert of Hope performed by Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton and Roger Waters generated an amount of $ 5 million for the 2004 Tsunami victims of the Indian Ocean Earthquake.

Hope for Haiti Now was telecasted with an audience of 83 million viewers and the concert raised funds of $ 58 million for the victims of this earthquake in 2010.

So the power of music is endless. It relaxes you and eases the pain. It has no boundaries or limitations.

Have a bit of music in your life and you will see the difference.

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