Climate Positive Bottles #1

Climate Positive Bottles

July 16, 2020​
Climate Positive Bottles

The latest innovative product added to our product range is a 500ml sustainable bottle made from sugarcane instead of oil. Yes sugarcane, this bottle is plant based and climate positive. Its free of BPA and chemicals, food contact approved and 100% recyclable, the Earth loves it. The brilliant design is also modular, so it takes up less space and it’s easy to clean. It doesn’t melt in your mouth, neither does it in the dishwasher and you don’t get that plastic smell and taste as with an oil-based plastic.

The bottles are currently available in 5 different colours and are easily branded with your company logo and slogan in two positions. There is also an option for a full colour printed sleeve to further enhance your companies’ message. We believe this bottle will be a big hit with all companies that want to make a positive statement that they care for our planet and one which their clients or staff will really appreciate as a gift, especially those working from home. We love it, the planet loves it and so will you and your clients.

“Ridding our planet of oil-based plastics is a target definitely worth aiming at and by supporting this plant-based product is another step towards being ‘climate positive’.”


Andrew Burchell

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